Salesforce CDP

Key features of Salesforce CDP

This customer data platform offers several traditional CDP features, but it goes beyond the basics in areas like regulatory compliance, data visualization, and relevant API connections. Some of the top features included on Salesforce CDP are:

  • Unified customer profiles
  • Privacy management
  • Data ingestion service
  • Integration with Mulesoft API platform
  • Advanced resolutions with data linking and fuzzy matching
  • Connection to other Salesforce portfolio solutions
  • Customer segments with contact- and event-focused data sources
  • Type-ahead functionality
  • AI for big data analytics
  • GDPR and CCPA compliance
  • AppExchange application sourcing
  • Salesforce Einstein for intelligent segmentation
  • Integration with Tableau and Datorama
  • Calculated Insights tool for customer engagement scoring

Key benefits of Salesforce CDP

Constantly evolving portfolio of Salesforce Solutions

Salesforce commits significant time and resources to acquiring and building new solutions and optimizing existing portfolio solutions. Many of these improved and emerging solutions directly integrate with Salesforce CDP. Salesforce’s acquisitions of Tableau and Datorama have increased Salesforce CDP’s capabilities in data visualization, business intelligence, and AI marketing intelligence. Features like Commerce Cloud, Interaction Studio, and Loyalty Management help CDP customers in areas like e-commerce insights, real-time interaction data, and membership management data.

Focused data security and privacy efforts

Salesforce CDP prioritizes data security and customer privacy, helping enterprise users to establish and maintain trust. Salesforce offers GDPR and CCPA-driven compliance features natively, and also gives its customers provisioning support and monitoring dashboards to manage compliance and security.

Access to a top marketplace for applications

The customer data platform is given direct access to Salesforce AppExchange, which is widely recognized as a top enterprise cloud marketplace. Users who are looking for cloud applications to meet additional business needs can conduct application research and sourcing directly through their Salesforce CDP subscription.

Prioritized intelligent data management with Einstein

Intelligent data management is an important goal when large enterprises want to manage the full customer lifecycle. Einstein, Salesforce’s integrated set of several different AI functionalities, helps users to automate, drive, and utilize insights they would otherwise have missed at face value.

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