Why HubSpot COS is Not A Normal Web Design Work

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This comes from my recent experience. It actually surprised me but I understand it was my fault not to see it coming 🙂

During one of my calls with a client from India. Our initial quote was rejected, the argument given for that was:

We got our entire 13 page website designed in WordPress for 13k how can you charge so much for designing Blog Page and The Header?

Looks like we agencies have a new thing to struggle with :-).

This argument is not valid because of the effort in terms of Thinking, Time and Designing go into it. But it looks like if this is what clients are going to expect then very soon most of the vendors and agencies are going to start quoting it in a manner that it compares it with a WordPress web design.

Here are a few points that we all as vendors know what goes into HubSpot


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