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Unlock the Power of Seamless Marketing and Sales Alignment with HubSpot and Salesforce Integration

Empower your business to thrive by integrating your marketing and sales efforts with the dynamic duo of HubSpot and Salesforce. This powerful integration bridges the gap between your marketing and sales teams, creating a unified platform for customer data, lead nurturing, and revenue generation.

With HubSpot’s intuitive marketing automation tools and Salesforce’s robust CRM capabilities, you gain a 360-degree view of your customer journey. Track leads from their first interaction with your marketing campaigns through to closed deals, all in one centralized location.

Why Integrate HubSpot with Salesforce?

  • Lead Intelligence: Automatically sync lead data between platforms, ensuring your sales team has the latest information on prospects.
  • Personalized Marketing: Leverage Salesforce data to create targeted and personalized marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience.
  • Closed-Loop Reporting: Track the ROI of your marketing campaigns by associating revenue from closed deals with specific campaigns in HubSpot.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Eliminate manual data entry and streamline workflows, saving time and reducing errors.

Features of Salesforce CRM

  • Grow accounts, find customers, and close deals faster
  • Built around managing sales opportunities
  • Effective lead management & lead assignment
  • Sales processes & intelligent rules built around your company
  • Automate contracts & quoting
  • Intelligent and user-friendly forecasting and pipeline reporting
  • Easier opportunity spotting from intelligent insights
  • Discover your top performer
  • Access customer details anywhere, on any device

Rob Darbyshire

Former 4C Commercial Director

“Salesforce Sales Cloud has a unique interface and ease of use, meaning it can successfully support B2B and B2C contexts. We have seen its success both internally and with all of our customers as it seamlessly brings customer information together in one integrated platform, allowing business leaders and end users to track company or individual performance in real time.”

FAQ about Salesforce HubSpot Integration

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