Marketing Automation Online Training

Marketing Automation Training Online

One of our branches has opened a Marketing Automation online Training. This is mainly to introduce students to Marketing Automation Framework and introduce them to certain tools online which they can further use for their knowledge and skill enhancements. A lot of professionals within the Digital Marketing space have now realized that Marketing Automation Training is the next level for their career growth. At a time when everyone out there… Read More »Marketing Automation Training Online

Best HubSpot Marketing Agency

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Exactly what you should look for in an HubSpot Marketing Agency? Unlike all other HubSpot hubs, the HubSpot Marketing Hub is quite extensive with features. It has almost all the features that a company might desire in their fully functional Lead Generating website. But it opens only as you keep upgrading your subscription.  In the free version you get Forms, Emails, Ads to use but in really there is a… Read More »Best HubSpot Marketing Agency

Why HubSpot COS is Not A Normal Web Design Work

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This comes from my recent experience. It actually surprised me but I understand it was my fault not to see it coming 🙂 During one of my calls with a client from India. Our initial quote was rejected, the argument given for that was: We got our entire 13 page website designed in WordPress for 13k how can you charge so much for designing Blog Page and The Header? Looks… Read More »Why HubSpot COS is Not A Normal Web Design Work