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Free Lead Management Software

If you are here to find out about a lead management software that is FREE, let me tell you that you have come to the right place. The reason being, I am not going to tell you about a Lead Management software that is free now and paid later, or a Lead Management system that is on trail basis.

No, that is not going to be my objective. I am going to let you know about a Lead Management software that is absolutely free to use forever for your business weather its a B2B or B2C.

First of all let me distinguish between a Lead Management Software and a CRM.

While a CRM can help you improve acquisitions; it’s not designed for the sole purpose of doing so. Lead management software, on the other hand, focuses its efforts on the sales process. It aids salespeople so they can turn cold prospects into hard leads, and leads to customers.

These means that the primary difference between a Lead Management and a CRM system is that a Lead Management Software is closely integrated with the CRM and does the following:-

  1. It helps in generating leads
  2. It helps in tracking leads
  3. It automates leads allocation process with the sales team
  4. It tracks how sales team is performing with each lead in the CRM
  5. It automates the lead nurturing process and maintains a close relationship with leads
  6. It tracks the Pipeline, Deals and Tasks
  7. In can also manage the sales team and provides their performance reporting
  8. Most importantly it Scores the leads basis on their behaviour and demography

There are other features as well but the ones mentioned above are the primary features of a Lead Management Software.

So Which Lead Management should I use?

Well, that depends upon the stage your business is currently in and what is your growth plan. But for the purpose of this article, since we are here to let you know about a Free Lead Management Software,  I would highly recommend that you follow what I mention here without falling into any trap of other companies who claim to have a Free Lead Management Software but they don’t provide one.

Start with Free Lead Management Software

I have done around 57 projects on various softwares, I have checked features and various elements. There are lots of things that you need to consider before importing your contacts into a CRM software. Apart from their flexible importing option. You need to consider:-

  1. Their flexibility of integration with 3rd party tools. An example will be Zapier, WordPress, Shopify and many other 3rd party integrations. It depends purely on your strategy, what business process have you decided for yourself.
  2. There should be no limit of importing the data into the Free Lead Management Software. It should not be tiered or not even limited to what Lead property should you import
  3. Also it should have free Leads Management features even if its Manual and not automated.

So which Free Lead Management Software you recommend?

Out of all the implementations that I have done (must have been around 57 implementation) I strongly recommend HubSpot Free Lead Management and CRM software. This comes from experience, the number of clients who use it and the ease of use in addition to the free features that it has, it will be a good free lead management software to start with.

Best part I have experienced is that even the free version of HubSpot, when integrated with tools like Zapier, MailChimp and even Magento can give a small size business a very powerful combination of a system that can create wonders for them and they can scale it from there afterwards.

A Free Lead Management Software – HubSpot Case Study.

A real estate client with a database of 7500 opt-in email wants to use a Free Lead Management Software that should have

  1. Should be integrated with their Free WordPress Plugin
  2. All the forms should automatically be recognized by the CRM without having to create a new form
  3. Free ChatBot that can communicate like Human and focus on getting First Name and Email address
  4. It should send tasks reminders to the Sales team on their App
  5. It should update the entire database in the CRM
  6. They should be able to create 4 lists basis their customer segments
  7. They can create 4 Email Templates for mass mailing to their database on Christmas
  8. Personalize the mail with First name, company name etc
  9. Have an Exist Intent Pop-up that can help visitors their Spain Property investment guide
  10. When a new Contact is added to the HubSpot FREE CRM the contact property can be changed to Lead and the deal stage can also be changed manually.
  11. Finally, an automated welcome email can be sent to the Contact the moment it is added to the CRM either through manual import, chatbot or even the Website Form

They wanted all these 11 features for FREE. The only cost was the one-time service fee of the individual / agency who did this implementation.

The required software were:-

  1. HubSpot Free CRM / Lead Management Software
  2. Zapier
  3. MailChimp
  4. WordPress website

Total implementation time – 2 hours.

None of these cost anything initially, till after 2 months of success they decided to go for the updated HubSpot Sales Starter version.


Not just once, this implementation has been done numerous times and have given the business owners the power of Lead Management System for FREE. It gives them a very good start to test their business model, customer behaviour. This kind of freedom, so far is not available with any other tool.

Let me know if you have query about how its done. I will be happy to share a video on this. Also connect with us for our HubSpot Agency services.

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